Thursday, July 6, 2017

We Found The Holy Grail In Valencia, Spain.....

Visit any city and you are sure to find a cathedral complete with tales passed down through time and Valencia Cathedral is no exception. Originally built in 1238 over  the site of an existing cathedral later turned into a mosque, its architectural style is mostly Gothic. But since construction of the cathedral continued for many years various other styles of architecture were added.

The Holy Grail

While the main section is absolutely gorgeous with its domed ceilings, stained glass windows and ornate styles there is much more to explore. Along each side sits elaborately decorated smaller chapels, common to many churches throughout the world yet this one has something special. Locked away in a glass case is what has been proven to be the original chalice handled by Jesus when he first broke bread with his disciples.

Inside The Cathedral

The Holy Grail that was made famous by action-adventure, big budget Hollywood films REALLY does exist and is housed in a side chapel at Valencia cathedral. While we always enjoy seeing churches as we travel we had NO idea that we would be seeing something so unique. Although much smaller than we had expected especially since it was locked in a case and roped off from the public by many feet, but still something worth seeing.

Another stop on yesterdays outing was La Lonja, the former building that housed the Silk Exchange. This Gothic style civil building was the only one of its day that held merchant transactions that made the city so prosperous in the 15th century. Construction of the building began back in 1483, before the United States was even discovered by Columbus. Inside the ornate structure there once was a trading floor, prison, chapel and more.

The Silk Exchange

Valencia is a lovely city, rich in culture and history that features beautiful Mediterranean beaches, a large seaport, great shopping, an old town, many museums and the Holy Grail.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time here and will surely return. Tomorrow we are off to see the cardiologist for Clyde's one month checkup of his new pacemaker. He is doing fine and we are looking forward to hitting the road on Saturday for more adventures in Spain......along the gringo trail.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Hidden Gem Of Spain.....Valencia

Since our current house sit is merely a twenty-minute drive outside of the city of Valencia, we knew we'd get to explore this hidden gem. Being the third largest city in Spain behind Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia has something for everyone.

Valencia Beach

The City Of Arts And Sciences Area....Valencia

Some Antoni Gaudi Inspired Art

Founded by the Romans in 138 BC then later occupied by the Moroccan's and Moors, traces of each culture can still be found there today. Valencia features an old city that drips with medieval charm, a major sea port, golden sand beaches along with a modern infrastructure.

Historic Valencia

Tourist Bathing In Fountain

Round Building Front

Aerial View With Round Building Behind

The Skinniest Building In Valencia
It is between the Yellow building and
the corner pink building. 

And when the current host we are house sitting for offered to play tour guide and show us around we headed out for a day of exploring. He took us to the old part of the city that was once surrounded by a massive wall to experience its original beauty. From there we explored the sleek, curvy, shiny modern part of the city known as The City Of Arts And Sciences.

Intricate Details Of Statues
Do You See What He Is Doing?
Getting It On With A Tree....Takes Tree Hugging To A New Level

More Sexual Poses

And What Is This Guy Doing?

For lunch we stopped to try some famous paella, a rice dish with rabbit, chicken and green beans that is cooked in an open fire and served in a cast iron pan. And we had to down some Agua de Valencia that consists of fresh, local orange juice mixed with cana, a sparkling wine made from sugar cane. While it looks tame enough this refreshing cocktail packs a punch.

Traditional Paella For Lunch

Agua De Valencia,  Cappuccino And Expresso

Inside Of The Coffee Shop

Lamp Shop

Tired from a long day of seeing the sights we went back to our large, lovely temporary home with a pool to relax on the terrace. Our hosts cooked us a delicious dinner and we crashed for the night ready for more adventures tomorrow in Valencia, Spain......along the gringo trail.